Protein and Mineral Contents in Some Fish Species Available in the Brahmaputra River of Bangladesh

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M. S. A. Eti
H. M. Zakir
Q. F. Quadir
M. S. Rahman


An experiment was conducted in the laboratory of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh to determine protein and major mineral nutrients (viz. Ca, Mg, Na, K, P, S and Fe) in different available fish species of the Brahmaputra River of Bangladesh. Total 32 fish samples of 15 fish species were collected from three locations of the river during November 2017. The highest amount of Ca (2.00%), Mg (4.17%), Na (0.41%), K (3.24%), P (0.17%), S (0.129%) and Fe (226.9 mg kg−1) were obtained from chela (Salmophasia bacaila), chanda (Chanda nama), chingri (Macrobrachium sp.), shingi (Heteropneustes fossilis), bele (Glossogobius giuris), baim (Macrognathus aculeatus) and mola (Amblypharyngodon mola), respectively and the sequence of the mineral nutrients was K > Mg > Ca > Na > P > S > Fe. The study results revealed that 100% of daily Ca requirement can be replenished by consuming 100 g fish flesh portion of the chela (Salmophasia bacaila)/ chingri (Macrobrachium sp.)/ bele (Glossogobius giuris). Similarly, among the 15 fish species, 11 and 12 species alone can contribute 100% of Mg and K requirement for human by taking 100 g fish flesh, respectively. The maximum content of N (3.88%) was obtained from shingi (Heteropneustes fossilis), while the minimum (2.81%) was recorded from mola (Amblypharyngodon mola). The protein content among the fish samples varied between 17.6-24.3% with a mean value of 21.2%. Finally, the study results concluded that the common fishes available in the Brahmaputra River are a good source of protein and major mineral nutrients, which contributes in nutrition to the local people of the country.

Protein, minerals, fish species, the Brahmaputra River, Bangladesh.

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Eti, M. S. A., Zakir, H. M., Quadir, Q. F., & Rahman, M. S. (2019). Protein and Mineral Contents in Some Fish Species Available in the Brahmaputra River of Bangladesh. European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety, 11(1), 14-27.
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