Nutritional Benefit, Acceptability and Safety of Cookies from Blanched Coconut and Wheat Flour

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Abiodun Omowonuola Adebayo- Oyetoro
Okereke Jane A.
Ogunnubi, Ebunoluwa I.
Ukwenya, Anita A.
Ogundipe, Flora O.
Oluwafunmilola Abiodun


Cookies were made from wheat and blanched coconut flour blends in ratios 90:10, 85:15, 80:20, 75:25, 70:30, 60:40 and 55:45 respectively with 100% wheat as control. Proximate, sensory and microbial analysis of the cookies were assessed using standard methods and established level of significance difference (p<0.5). Results showed that moisture, crude fibre, fat and calorific value ranged between 5.72%-7.80%, 5.77%-7.80%, 9.81-17.21% and 197.08-312.85 Kcal/100g respectively showing increased parameters with increased substitution levels. Carbohydrate and protein ranged from 49.27%-78.21% and 12.69%-15.66% respectively. Mean sensory score for colour, crunchiness and flavor ranged between 7.30-8.50, 7.01-8.02 and 6.30-8.50 respectively while sample 70:30 was the most acceptable in most of the parameters assessed. Total viable count ranged from 1.4x104 cfu/g- 2.5x104 cfu/g between 2nd -5th week of storage while most samples had no fungi growth for the five weeks except for sample 60:40 and 55:45 with growth ranging from 4.0-7.1x104 Cfu/g. Safe and nutritious cookies can be made from wheat-blanched coconut flour.

Cookies, coconut, blanching, wheat, crunchiness, safe.

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Oyetoro, A. O. A.-, A., O. J., I., O. E., A., U. A., O., O. F., & Abiodun, O. (2020). Nutritional Benefit, Acceptability and Safety of Cookies from Blanched Coconut and Wheat Flour. European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety, 12(10), 94-102.
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