Influence of Calcium Lactate and Tripotassium Citrate on the Production of Stable and Acceptable Calcium-Enriched Soymilk

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Victor Christian Kaharso
Bertrand Muhoza
Steven Suryoprabowo
Yufei Hua
Caimeng Zhang


In the current study, calcium lactate (ca-lactate) was used as a calcium source and tripotassium citrate (TPC) as chelating agents to produce calcium-enriched soymilk with calcium content equivalent to cow’s milk (120 mg/100mL). Physicochemical properties of calcium-enriched soymilk, including nutritional composition, pH, titratable acidity, particle diameter, sedimentation, viscosity, ion conductivity, and sensory evaluation were investigated. Our results showed significant differences (P<.05) in moisture, ash content, titratable acidity, and ion conductivity after calcium and TPC were added. Moreover, the addition of calcium decreased the pH of soymilk from 6.69 to 6.21-6.51. The higher concentration of calcium also increased the calcium content, particle diameter, sedimentation, and viscosity, while the reverse results were shown when TPC was added. The intensities perceived of mouthfeel, visual appearance, and overall acceptability were greatly varied among calcium-enriched soymilks. The exact proportion of ca-lactate and TPC were able to produce calcium-enriched soymilk regarding higher stability during storage and great acceptability of the final product.

Calcium-enriched soymilk, calcium lactate, tripotassium citrate, storage

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Kaharso, V. C., Muhoza, B., Suryoprabowo, S., Hua, Y., & Zhang, C. (2020). Influence of Calcium Lactate and Tripotassium Citrate on the Production of Stable and Acceptable Calcium-Enriched Soymilk. European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety, 12(12), 40-52.
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