Influence of the Nutritive Composition on the Organoleptic Characters of Cakes Enriched with Fruits Almond of Terminalia catappa

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Douati Togba Etienne
Biego Godi Henri Marius
Konan N’Guessan Ysidor
Sidibe Daouda
Nyamien Bleou Yves
Coulibaly Adama


Aims: The study focuses the organoleptic trend according to the nutritive composition of cakes processed from wheat flour enriched with the almond flour of T. catappa, a plant growing in some regions of Côte d’Ivoire.

Study Design:  Nine formulations of cakes processed from addition of almond flour of Terminalia catappa to wheat flour and then submitted to nutrients and descriptive sensory analyses.

Place and Duration of Study: Laboratory of Biochemistry and Food Sciences, Biochemistry department of Biosciences Unit, Felix Houphouet-Boigny University, running 2015.

Methodology: The contents in nutriments, namely macronutrients, minerals (macroelements and oligoelements), vitamins, and polyphenol antioxidants of the enriched cakes were determined using standard methods and their sensory description achieved. Then, the influence between both types of characteristics was assessed through the Pearson correlation coefficient (r) at ± 0.5 significance using statistical software SPSS.

Results: The cakes investigated recorded invarious content in total carbohydrates (the major nutritive compound of the flours) whereas the other nutrients increased accordingly to the ratio of the almond flour incorporated for. Oppositely, the full sensory descriptors were responded with statistically similar scores over the cakes formulated. The correlation analysis mainly showed reduction of the cakes aroma during the nutrients increase, with r coefficients of –0.65 to –0.54. Thus, the study shows no rather nutritional influence of the nutritive enrichment of cakes on the sensory profile.

Conclusion: The valorization of the cakes enriched with almonds of T. catappa could be sustained on the basis of their acceptance by consumers.

Sensory analysis, nutrients, correlations, Terminalia catappa, valorization.

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Etienne, D. T., Marius, B. G. H., Ysidor, K. N., Daouda, S., Yves, N. B., & Adama, C. (2019). Influence of the Nutritive Composition on the Organoleptic Characters of Cakes Enriched with Fruits Almond of Terminalia catappa. European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety, 9(4), 424-436.
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