Risk Assessment of Other Substances in Food Supplements - L-methionine

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Tor A. Strand
Livar Frøyland
Margaretha Haugen
Sigrun Henjum
Kristin Holvik
Martinus Løvik
Bjørn Steen Skålhegg
Tonje Holte Stea
Grethe S. Tell
Per Ole Iversen


"Other substances" are described in the food supplement directive 2002/46/EC as substances other than vitamins or minerals that have a nutritional and/or physiological effect, and may be added to food supplements or e.g. energy drinks. In the series of risk assessments of "other substances" the VKM has not evaluated any claimed beneficial effects from these substances, but merely possible adverse effects at specified doses used in Norway. 

This statement regards the substance L-methionine per se, and no specific products.

According to information from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA), L-methionine is an ingredient in food supplements sold in Norway. NFSA has requested a risk assessment of the intake of 200, 300, 500, 600 and 700 mg L-methionine per day from food supplements. The total L-methionine exposure from other sources than food supplements is not included in the risk assessment.

This statement is based on a previous risk assessment from VKM of L-methionine, as well as scientific papers retrieved from a systematic search in literature published from 2012 up till 19 February 2016. The literature search aimed at retrieving human studies on adverse effects caused by L-methionine.

VKM concludes that:

VKM maintains the guidance level from 2013 at 210 mg methione per day.

L-methionine, food supplement, adverse health effect, negative health effect, Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety, other substances, risk assessment, VKM

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Strand, T. A., Frøyland, L., Haugen, M., Henjum, S., Holvik, K., Løvik, M., Skålhegg, B. S., Stea, T. H., Tell, G. S., & Iversen, P. O. (2020). Risk Assessment of Other Substances in Food Supplements - L-methionine. European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety, 12(8), 61-62. https://doi.org/10.9734/ejnfs/2020/v12i830263
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