Prof. Dr. Hans Verhagen

I have over 40 years of professional experience in the area of food safety and nutrition. I worked at Universities (Nijmegen, Maastricht, Ulster, Copenhagen), in contract research (TNO), in industry (Unilever), for the national (RIVM) and international government (EFSA), and I was editor-in-chief twice. I am a visiting professor at the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland) since 2009 and at the Technical University Denmark (DTU, Denmark) since 2021.

My strength is that I have the unique and rare combination of being both a board-certified toxicologist and board-certified nutritionist.

After my retirement from EFSA in 2020, I became owner and consultant of Food Safety & Nutrition Consultancy.

Papers / Citations / H-Index (by December 2022)

Number of full peer-reviewed papers: 175

Total number of Web of Science publications (including EFSA Scientific Opinions): 820.

Other papers: 156

EFSA publications: 11

Publications as editor: 16

Other publications in Dutch: 16

Confidential reports (TNO, Unilever, RIVM, EFSA, FSN Consultancy): many hundreds.

H-Index: Web of Science: 58; Google Scholar: 59; Scopus: 46.

Citations: Web of Science: 13 329; Google Scholar: 12 911; Scopus: 7 567.



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