Vegetables with High-Nitrate Content Significantly Increase Plasma Nitrate and Nitrite Concentrations but Do Not Significantly Reduce Systolic Blood Pressure in Young Healthy Men

Ann Ashworth, Anni Vanhatalo, Jamie R. Blackwell, Giles M. Hayward, Andrew M. Jones

Page: 67-82
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Aflatoxins and Moisture Levels in Edible Oils Produced in Burkina Faso

Souleymane Zio, Isaac Dembele, Raoul Sylvain Bazoin Bazié, Abel Tankoano, François Tapsoba, Fatoumata Hama-Ba, Laurencia Toulsoumdé Songre-Ouattara, Fulbert Nikiéma, Driss Elothmani, Yves Traoré, Aly Savadogo

Page: 1-12
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Effect of Storage on Sensory Acceptability and Oxidative Rancidity of Wheat Biscuits Fortified with Asparagus racemosus Root Powder

Priyanka Rani, Varsha Rani, Renuka Jandu, A. Lavanya, Reena ., Josephine John

Page: 13-22
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Optimizing Conditions for Enzymatic Extraction of Juice from Jackfruit (Koozha) Using Response Surface Methodology

P. S. Bensi, Suma Divakar, K. S. Meena Kumari, C. Mini, Brigit Joseph, U. Krishnaja

Page: 23-31
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Nutritional Status and Its Determinants among Fulani Children Aged 6-24 Months in a Rural Community of Kaduna State, Northwest Nigeria

Mustapha Abdulsalam Danimoh, Suleiman Hadeja Idris, Hussaini Garba Dikko, Abdulhakeem Abayo Olorukooba, Amina Mohammed, Olawepo Olatayo Ayodeji

Page: 32-41
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Quality Assessment of Weaning Food from Blends of Sorghum, Mung Beans and Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato Blends

H. T. Olaleye, T. O. Oresanya, E. O. Temituro

Page: 42-52
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Impact of Partial Replacement of Peanut Paste with Sesame Seed Paste on the Nutritional and Anti-nutritional Components of Butter Made from the Blends

Onyale V. Oduma, Ufot E. Inyang, Okema N. Okongoh

Page: 53-66
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Effect of Bajra (Pennisetum glaucum) Based Supplementary Food on Anthropometric Parameters of School Children (5-6 Year Old)

S. Arokiamary, R. Senthilkumar, S. Kanchana

Page: 91-98
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Assessment of Nutritional Properties and Heavy Metal Composition of African Giant Land Snails (Archachatina marginata) and Clams (Mercenaria mercenaria) from Ekowe Community

Odangowei Inetiminebi Ogidi, Eruom Esther Charles, Adubazi Momohjimoh Onimisi, Ruth Amugeh

Page: 99-108
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Safety Assessment of the Presence of Heavy Metals and Organic Pollutants in Vended Street Foods from Selected Locations in Lagos State Nigeria

G. I. Oyet, C. B. Samuel

Page: 109-120
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Emergence of Viral Infections through Food Supply Chain: A Review

Rafiya Munshi, Afsah Iqbal

Page: 83-90
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