Vitamin D [25(OH)D] Deficiency Patients in Prostate Cancer in Latvia

Anastasia Sitova, Olga Voika, Zigurds Zariņš

Page: 189-198
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Chronic Consumption of Sweeteners Increases Carbonylated Protein Production in Lymphocytes from Mouse Lymphoid Organs

J. A. Escoto-Herrera, B. E. Martínez-Carrillo, N. Ramírez-Durán, H. Ramírez-Saad, R. Valdés-Ramos

Page: 209-219
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Relationship between Prolonged Sweetener Consumption and Chronic Stress in the Production of Carbonylated Proteins in Blood Lymphocytes

Lucía García-Iniesta, Beatriz E. Martínez-Carrillo, Roxana Valdés-Ramos, Rosa A. Jarillo-Luna, Jorge A. Escoto-Herrera, Aldo Reséndiz-Albor

Page: 220-232
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Low Occurrence of Mycotoxins in Traditional Peanut Butter is Associated with Risk for Consumers

Zamblé Abel Boli, Lessoy Thierry Zoué, Marina Koussemon, Rose Koffi-Nevry

Page: 233-243
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Dairy Calcium Intake and Relationship to Bone Mineral Density (BMD), Bone Mineral Content (BMC) and Leptin in Post- Menopausal Women

Dina H. Fakhrawi, W. Lawrence Beeson, Raeida G. Nakhoul, T. Allan Darnell, Zaida R. Cordero-MacIntyre

Page: 244-253
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Are the Homestead Gardens a Possible Solution to Combating Malnutrition in Nigeria?

P. K. Nwaneke, V. O. Chude

Page: 199-208
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