Risk Assessment of Insect-resistant and Herbicide Tolerant Genetically Modified Maize Bt11 for Cultivation, Import, Processing, Food and Feed Uses under Directive 2001/18/EC and Regulation (EC) Opinion

Richard Meadow, Nana Yaa Ohene Asare, Knut Tomas Dalen, Merethe Aasmo Finne, Olavi Junttila, Lawrence R. Kirkendall, Inger Elisabeth Måren, Siamak Pour Yazdankhah, Knut Helkås Dahl, Kaare Magnus Nielsen, Monica Sanden, Rose Vikse, Hilde-Gunn Opsahl Sorteberg

Page: 100-104
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Effects of Higher Doses of Vitamin E on Toxicity and Inflammation

Eugene Jansen, Dale Viezeliene, Piet Beekhof, Eric Gremmer, Leonid Ivanov

Page: 47-58
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Food Safety and Hygiene Practices among Food Vendors in a Tertiary Educational Institution in South Western Nigeria

Funmilola Adenike Faremi, Matthew Idowu Olatubi, Greg C. Nnabuife

Page: 59-70
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The Effect of Dairy Intake with Caloric Restriction on Bone Mineral Density and Lipids in Overweight/Obese Post-Menopausal Women

Dina H. Fakhrawi, W. Lawrence Beeson, Narmina Mamed, T. Allan Darnell, Zaida Cordero-MacIntyre

Page: 71-82
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Aflatoxin M1 Reduction in Milk by a Novel Combination of Probiotic Bacterial and Yeast Strains

Neveen M. Abdelmotilib, Gamal M. Hamad, Hesham B. Elderea, Eglal G. Salem, Sobhy A. El Sohaimy

Page: 83-99
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