Osmoregulatory Appraisal of Some Osmoprotectants on Hydrolytic Activities of Some Enzymes on Seeds of Two Water Stressed Cultivars of Sorghum bicolor (Moench)

Ojewumi, Anthony Wale *

Department of Botany, Lagos State University, Badagry Express Way, Ojo Lagos, Nigeria.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Enzymes play significant roles in metabolic processes of seeds. Therefore, this study evaluated osmoregulatory potential of some osmoprotectants on activities of some hydrolytic enzymes in the seeds of two cultivars (SOSAT.C-88 and CV. LCIC 9702) of sorghum bicolor. Matured seeds of the two cultivars were harvested and prepared for alpha, beta, total amylase and proteinase activities assay. The osmoprotectants produced significant variations on the enzymes at 10 and 14 days (DA) of 8 weeks after treatments (WAT). Seeds of well-watered SOSAT.C-88 produced higher alpha (2.10 IU/ml), beta (1.70 IU/ml) and total amylase activities (3.30 IU/ml) at 14 days (DA). Higher alpha (2.01 IU/ml and total amylase activities (2.61 IU/ml) were recorded in the seeds of CV. LCIC 9702 well-watered at 14 days DA 8WAT. Furthermore, total amylase activities (3.87 IU/ml) were recorded in the seeds produced by CV. LCIC 9702 well-watered at 14 days DA. Significant increase was noticed in beta (1.14 IU/ml) and alpha amylase (1.58 IU/ml) in the seeds of CV. LCIC 9702 treated with mycorrhiza. CV. LCIC 9702 well watered produced highest proteinase activities (1.57 U/ml) while least of the parameters were recorded in SOSAT.C-88 and CV. LCIC 9702 droughted. In conclusion, the osmoprotectants had regulatory effects on the activities of hydrolytic enzymes therefore the use of the osmoprotectants in farming should be encouraged.

Keywords: Biochemical process, alpha activities, beta activities, total amylase activities, proteinase activities, trehalse, proline, coconut milk, myccorhiza

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Wale, O. A. (2023). Osmoregulatory Appraisal of Some Osmoprotectants on Hydrolytic Activities of Some Enzymes on Seeds of Two Water Stressed Cultivars of Sorghum bicolor (Moench). European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety, 15(2), 34–43. https://doi.org/10.9734/ejnfs/2023/v15i21294


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